OT/ICS Cybersecurity and Networking

(OT/ICS: Operational Technology/Industrial Control Systems)

Cyber threats are increasing daily. At Portland Engineering, we specialize in OT/ICS Cybersecurity and Networking, and we understand the need for Cybersecurity infrastructure in OT/ICS environments.

OT/ICS networks are the backbone of critical infrastructure and provide availability and reliability for communities. Often using outdated software, OT/ICS systems were not necessarily designed with Cybersecurity in mind – this leaves many OT systems vulnerable to exploits.
There are many IT focused solutions to help prevent these exploits. However, we at PEI recognize that IT and OT/ICS networks have different requirements and seek to provide our clients with Cybersecurity solutions that are OT/ICS focused.

We have extensive experience with design and implementation of OT/ICS network architecture, best practices for IT/OT segmentation, network assessments, security protocols and procedures, deployment of secure remote access devices, OT/ICS Standards (CISA, NIST, ISA 62443, etc.), network monitoring, and disaster recovery plans.