About our Company

Portland Engineering, Inc. (PEI) is an instrumentation & control system design and integration engineering firm that specializes in water and wastewater treatment. PEI provides comprehensive engineering and systems integration services to industrial and municipal partners throughout Oregon and the greater Pacific Northwest. We are a Registered Systems Integrator for Wonderware, Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation, Matrikon, Ignition and InduSoft; we work with all major brands of automation hardware and software; and we are proud supporters of the Control Systems Integrators Association, the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association, and the American Water Works Association. We have been in the automation industry for more than twenty years, providing us with in-depth knowledge spanning from older systems through today’s latest technology.


  A team based project approach that identifies and understands project needs, assesses and minimizes risk, manages and reduces cost and provides a reliable and superior product

  Commitment to the highest standards in system design and implementation, providing system standardization that improves operations and increases efficiency with a proven history of completing design/build projects on time and on budget
  Project managers and support staff with decades of experience, dedicated to maintaining a local onsite presence, meeting all project objectives and efficiently meeting all project needs
 A detailed and complete project analysis including assessment of existing systems, failure analysis and a thorough investigation and understanding of all functional system requirements
 Comprehensive project support with full spectrum engineering capabilities that will fully integrate all system components
 Close involvement with owners and operators, early and throughout any project, to address all operational needs in a practical and effective manner
 Flexibility in service delivery with a proven ability to provide the value though cost savings containment





Control system integration is a complicated process that involves bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together. Control system integration requires a detailed and thorough understanding of the many processes going on in a given facility, and the practical ability to bring them together in a way that optimizes your value and productivity.

As professional control system integrators we are prepared to provide an array of services that will fulfill all of your control system needs, including:

 Full spectrum, automated, custom hardware and software applications designed and built specifically to integrate, manage, and optimize your facility and process. This includes HMI development, instrumentation supply and panel building
Comprehensive system scope development and design services that will enhance your productivity and understanding, increase your profit, and improve the quality of your product
  Cost estimating and consultation for services including failure analysis, system simulation, information system development, pre-operational testing, and system engineering
  All of your control system related field service needs