Human Machine Interface (HMI) or Operator Interface (OI) is the part of the machine that handles the human machine interaction. The goal of any well designed HMI should be to allow the effective operation and control of the machine from the human end while the machine simultaneously feeds back information that aids the operators decision making process.

At Portland Engineering we specialize in full spectrum HMI/OI design engineering services that are clear, concise, and responsive. We know that information is important and that as humans we can only pay full attention to one thing at a time, so we minimize novelty without compromising aesthetics. Because we have been designing and programming HMI/OI for so long, we also understand that certain elements should be familiar and consistent. Our designs are always responsive and never sluggish, they are consistent across the application, and they are designed with efficiency in mind.

We are a registered systems integrator for Wonderware, Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation, Matrikon, Ignition and InduSoft; and we work with all major brands of HMI/OI hardware and software. If you have an HMI/OI that needs attention or want to design one from scratch, we are your resource.


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