Flow Control

In fluid dynamics Flow Control refers to devices that control mass flow. For pipes this is achieved by valves. Flow control is often used as an industry term to represent a service. In data communications, data flow control is the process of managing the rate of data transmission between two nodes to prevent a fast sender from overwhelming a slow receiver. It provides a mechanism for the receiver to control the transmission speed, so that the receiving node is not overwhelmed with data from transmitting node. Data flow control mechanisms can be classified by whether or not the receiving node sends feedback to the sending node.

Although we do both at Portland Engineering, we are experts in industries requiring some form of fluid Flow Control. With every client we take the time to fully evaluate the nature of the process fluid to be controlled and metered. We consider whether flowrate information will need to be continuous or totalized and whether or not it is needed locally or remotely. If it’s needed remotely, should the information be transmitted analog or digital? How do flow characteristics of the process fluid and the piping accommodate the integration of monitoring equipment and how will differing velocity profiles affect its calibration? Above all else, how are you going to do all of this without losing pressure?

At Portland Engineering we are experts at understanding, designing, and integrating Flow Control into our clients control systems.


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