Field Service

PEI provides field service and 24 hour emergency field service for all of our clients and anyone in need of expert, onsite Instrumentation and Controls Engineering services promptly. Our Field Service specialties include:

  • On-site troubleshooting controls or programming issues.
  • Repairing sensors, PLC’s, SCADA components, communications (wireless, cellular, or others), and otherwise maintaining the system.
  • Responding to requests to upgrade or change programming in PLC’s or other systems.
  • Upgrading or installing software, firmware, or other systems.
  • Any general requests for support regarding controls, SCADA, etc.
  • Remotely accessing systems to review problems, troubleshoot, or answer questions about controls, SCADA or related systems.
  • Integration of communications between the new/upgraded facilities and remote locations.
  • Other controls, SCADA, and telemetry improvements.


In general, troubleshooting is the identification or diagnosis of “trouble” in the management flow of a control system caused by a failure of some kind. The problem is initially described as symptoms of malfunction, and troubleshooting is the process of determining and remedying the causes of these symptoms. PEI troubleshooting is a logical, systematic search for the source of a problem so that it can be solved, and so the product or process can be made operational again. Our experienced field technicians are expert problem solvers who routinely troubleshoot complex systems where the symptoms of a problem can have many possible causes, repairing failed products or processes quickly and efficiently.


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