Batch Control & Batch Processing

Portland Engineering Batch Control & Processing knowledge provides full spectrum controls engineering services for systems that require a series of programs on a computer to be executed without manual intervention. Jobs are set up so they can be run to completion without human interaction. All input parameters are predefined through scripts, command-line arguments, control files, or job control language. This is in contrast to “online” or interactive programs which prompt the user for input. A program takes a set of data files as input, processes the data, and produces a set of output data files. This operating environment is termed as “batch processing” because the input data are collected into batches or sets of records and each batch is processed as a unit. The output is another batch that can be reused for computation.

Portland Engineering can help optimize your recipe based controls and batch processing in a number of ways, including shifting the time of job processing to when the computing resources are less busy; avoiding idling the computing resources with minute-by-minute manual intervention and supervision; keeping a high overall rate of utilization helps offset the cost of replacing computers; allowing the system to use different priorities for interactive and non-interactive work; and rather than running one program multiple times to process one transaction each time, batch processes can run a program only once for many transactions, reducing your system overhead.


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