Automated Assembly

Automation means automatic control, a process is run with minimum operator intervention. Some of the various levels of automation include mechanical methods, electrical relay, feedback control with a controller and computer control. Today, automation typically refers to feedback control. Feedback control applies to continuous correction when a sensor on the controlled variable deviates from a set-point, responding in a corrective manner to hold the setting. Process control is the form of automation that allows industrial operations such as steam plants generating electricity to be run with a minimum of manpower, usually from a number of control rooms.

Portland Engineering’s automated assembly controls engineering services deal primarily with the automation of manufacturing, quality control and material handling processes. Design engineering and programming of general purpose controllers for industrial processes includes programmable logic controllers and computers. Energy efficiency in industrial processes is a high priority and our designs work to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency. Our ultimate objective for Automated Assembly controls engineering is that our machines run themselves without operator attention and only require operators for the safety and protection of valuable equipment.


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