About PEI

Plain and simple, Portland Engineering, Inc. is an automation integration engineering firm. We specialize in bringing all types of subsystems together, making them work for you, and we’ve been doing it since 1992. When we started working in industrial automation, google didn’t exist and the internet looked something like this. Now we carry cellphones the size of a deck of playing cards, more powerful than the computers that put men on the  moon and connected to the same GPS satellites, in our pockets. While that might seem novel, it is more than that. We’ve seen the industrial computing landscape change so drastically over the last two decades it’s unrecognizable from where it began. We’ve seen fads come and go, and we’ve seen amazing technology emerge that has revolutionized our industry. Our experience has enhanced our understanding of new and old control systems alike, helping inform a broad knowledge base that we put to use for you.

Portland Engineering, Inc. works in water, wastewater, manufacturing, packaging, food and beverage, power, and utilities throughout the Pacific Northwest on all major brands of automation hardware and software. We are very good at understanding your needs and devising solutions that are appropriate, long lasting, and cost effective. Above all else, we work hard to make sure the quality of our work demonstrates how much we love what we do.