Reliable Remote Control

New developments in telemetry mean better service and data for automated process and monitoring. These efforts to customize services for utilities means that wastewater managers now have more options for telemetry that are more reliable than ever before, and at reasonable costs. Check out the rest of Carl Serpa’s article on Reliable Remote Control from […]

Is Cellular Telemetry Right for Your Machine Data?

Ever think about how powerful a cell phone is in 2014? They’re basically soap bar sized computers that we’ve become accustomed to doubling in performance every few years, capable of reliably streaming lots of data at very high speeds to an endless array of applications, no matter the location, for the purpose of making life […]



Water Facilities Under Construction

Take a drone’s-eye-view tour of the progress at the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership’s facilities under construction. This unique view helps us gain a better perspective about the types of activities that are occurring at these vital sites that will eventually help deliver high-quality drinking water to the communities of Lake Oswego and Tigard for […]